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Wayne's T25 Pickup

Wayne owns a company supplying Hot Tubs and came to us with a T25 Single Cab he'd already purchased, wanting us to turn it into a promotional vehicle for his company. Despite our initial appraisal which found it to be much worse than he'd anticipated, he decided to press on with the project. Steve took on full ownership of the metal repair on this one and is getting on well, despite finding more and more rust as the layers are peeled away. If there's a rustier T25 Single Cab out there, then we'd be amazed - the way these are put together means there are a lot of areas where rust can be trapped - a lesson for anyone buying a project vehicle!

Having found that many of the panels are specific to the Single Cab pickup and no longer available, Steve is having to fabricate much of what he needs; we have also been able to have certain profiles replicated by steel suppliers. Steve began by removing the bed and repairing the structure at the back of the cab and the large upper bed support rails to restore some strength before cutting out any of the lower panels. He has now progressed through the whole vehicle and the running gear is stripped so we can get it on our rollover jig to finish a few small areas underneath before Raptoring in body colour. The only large area left in terms of metal repair is the pickup bed - whole beds are no longer available, so we're currently scratching our heads with this one.


This one will be here for a bit longer, so check back later for updates!

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