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Ben's '67 Karmann Ghia

Ben's Ghia came into us as a very solid Colorado import that needed some localised repairs and a full mechanical refresh. Ben eventually wants to put a big engine and built gearbox in the car, so this was stage 1; we were tasked with redoing the old accident repairs to both rear corners, rear valance, chassis leg, engine bay and side trays, as well as repairing a little rust on the engine lid. The car had also had a small engine fire at some point, so we rectified the paintwork in this area too.

All of the running gear was stripped out of the car and detailed; Ben only wanted a mild front end drop and no narrowing as Karmann Ghias always tuck the front wheels nicely anyway. With this in mind, we welded Sway Away style beam adjusters into the original front beam before rebuilding and detailing it and added adjustable spring plates to the rear. Whilst all of the running gear was removed from the car, the underside of the body and floorpan had the underseal removed before being prepared to receive UPOL Raptor; the floorpan was done in black, whilst the underside of the body was done in tinted Raptor to the original L50K Neptune Blue.

The car could then be built back up with 4-wheel 5x130 PCD Porsche pattern disc brakes to receive the black detailed Fuchs wheels. Finally, the car received some paint blends in the repaired areas with the original paint polished to match.

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