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John's VW Type 3 Squareback Airride Installation 

John came to see us to find a solution for his clearance issues on the front of his lowered Type 3 Squareback. The first option he asked for was to raise the front wheel well but after some discussions, we decided installing air shocks to the front would be a much better option than cutting into just a lovely original body.

We discussed the install with John to make sure that it would meet his needs. He wanted everything hidden away so we installed the tank into the spare wheel well, which had already been relocated due to the spare wheel panel being removed to accommodate the lowered beam. The gauge and controls were mounted neatly in the glove box and the pump under the back seat. The wiring was run alongside the original wiring loom under the carpet and all airlines safely tucked out of sight and harm’s way.

The end result was John being able to drop the front super low when parked. Drive at a sensible height and raise it about 5 inches from the lowest setting to get it in and out of his garage which was causing problems moving the car in and out and damage to the front panel.

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