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VW Karmann Ghia Floorpan Restoration

We picked Vinces VW Karmann Ghia up for him from Southampton docks. It came from California and was an unfinished project. Vince had a list of areas that needed finishing which included mechanical, body, and interior work as well as lowering the suspension all round. 


Once back at the workshop and on the ramp we found that it needed one of the floorpans repairing. Rather than a patch repair, Vince opted to repair it correctly by removing the body from the pan and welding in 2 new pan halves. Once this was done everything was prepped and painted and the body re-fitted to the pan with a new pan seal. 


Whilst the body was off the floopan we fitted a narrowed front beam, dropped spindles, all new ball joints, shortened track rods, new track rod ends, and a new steering box up front. The rear was treated to adjustable spring plates and new bushes. All the brakes were serviced and parts replaced where necessary.


The next step was the interior. New sound deadening was added before refitting the carpets which had been steam cleaned. The seats were refitted and new seat belts were mounted. All new door cards and rear quarter panels fitted. 


The electrics were all checked and a few gremlins ironed out as well as having the front light converted from US to Euro spec. 


Finally all the wheel alignment was laser aligned, the engine was serviced and tuned and the paint was machine polished and waxed. 

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