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Josh's BMW E28 Airride Installation 

Josh's classic E28 BMW came into NJ’s for a service, full inspection, some rough running issues and a full Airride installation. 


After discussing the project with Josh he requested for the tank to be mounted on the rear parcel shelf and for the pumps and manifold to be installed neatly into the boot. We decided to make a custom shelf for this and tuck all the wiring and airlines out of sight. 


New BC coilover struts were fitted with airbags and installed front and rear. The fronts were cut and welded precisely whilst the rears were a more simple bolt on solution. 


The interior was removed and the new airride loom and air lines were run along side the factory wiring loom carefully to ensure there was no risk of kinking any lines and causing future problems.


Once the installation was complete we fine tuned and set the ride heights to Josh’s specifications and the end result looked pretty awesome.

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